Enhance your stream with our Twitch bot and overlay game. Interact with your audience as they earn more chances to win!

BossRush on Twitch

Host an interactive Twitch stream game. Players use attack chat commands to earn Red Coins by defeating bosses during your stream.

Loot Witch
Level 1

HP 500

Dark Healer. Attack while casting to interrupt her.

Flame Djinn
Level 2

HP 2000

Spellplague surviror. Requires armor upkeep. Attack while weakened!

Level 3

HP 2000

Arcane atuned. Casts powerful shield spell that must be interrupted or burst attacked to break.

Plane Lord
Level 4

HP 3000

Elemental Primordial. Cycles universal elemental weakness for all beings. Feeds off blocked attacks.

Twitch Giveaway Intergration, community building

Lootlink is a fun way to win some games and build your audience.

Feature your Stream

Easy Twitch integration with your Loot giveways. Find new interested viewers!

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Post Loot to feature your Stream and earn Red Coins for yourself and your audience.

Grow your followers

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Your viewers use chat commands to earn Red Coins.

Advanced RNG

Prizes and game rolls are awarded fairly using our true Random Number Generation.

Earn Trophies

Earn Trophies and bragging rights by being awesome.

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