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We're tired of boring giveaway sites. Come play with us instead. Instant Loot, bonus games, growing communities, no nonsense.

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Be the player, content creator, influencer, whatever you want

Lootlink is both a fun game and a powerful marketing platform.

Play our game

Login everyday to earn Rolls, discover new Loot, streamers, and features!

Grow your followers

Want Twitter or Twitch followers? Create Follow Required Loot!

Win Bonus Games

Win free rolls, bonus Red Coins, and find secret caches.

Feature your Stream

Easy Twitch integration with your Loot. Find new viewers and play interactive games on Stream!

Advanced RNG

Prizes are awarded fairly using our true Random Number Generation.

Earn Trophies

Earn Trophies and bragging rights by being awesome.

Twitch Streamer? Check out our awesome Stream Features

Fast, Fun, Free

Create, share, and win instant raffles. Earn Red Coins by playing and hosting giveaways.

Be the player

  • 01. Play

    Explore and share cool Loot!

  • 02. Level Up

    Earn daily rewards, bonus coins, and more everyday.

  • 03. Instant Loot

    Win instant prizes!

Be the giver

  • 01. Create

    Create awesome giveaways!

  • 02. Share

    Share your Loot with the World!

  • 03. Get Followers

    Earn followers and Red Coins!

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Who are we? Just 3 friends building the best instant giveaway platform possible

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Tristan Goget

Reston, Virgina
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Charles Qian

West Bloomfield, Michigan
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John Dorman

San Diego, California

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