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Just like a raffle or giveaway; Loot winners are decided by chance. The big difference is that Lootlink winners are chosen instantu. Every time you roll on a Loot there’s a chance to win right away. Isn’t that neat? We thought so.

On Lootlink anyone can create a Loot with one or many prizes and share it. Loot can be any number of things. It can be a Digital prize such as a Steam CD key or an eGiftCard or it can be a Physical prize like a fresh pair of sneakers or a watch. It can even be a service prize like custom art or a consulting session.

Posting Loot is the BEST way to earn rewards on Lootlink! Users who post Loot are responsible for honoring the prizes they award. If invalid or broken it's up to the poster to make it right or risk reported and banned if a reooccuring problem.

Create Loot

Crates contain Roll Coins. Every roll on a Loot costs x 1. Every roll is a chance to win!

Every day you can earn a Crate by logging in and claiming the daily crate found on the site's front page. Each Crate contains up to x 10 Roll Coins.

Crates can also be purchased for x 100 Red Coins in the Store.

Rolls are roll attempts. Just like rolling dice. A roll attempt is you trying to win a prize from a Loot of your choice. Every time you try to win (aka: roll on a Loot) you spend a Roll Coin ( x 1). Every roll is like rolling a die: the outcome is random. If a Loot has a 5% chance of winning it has the same chance as a 20 sided die landing on 20 (1 in 20 chance or 5%).

If a Loot is found to be illegitimate or contains fake prizes our moderators can cancel a Loot and and issue Roll Coin refunds. This only happens with enough reports or negative prize reviews.

Red Coins are the basic Lootlink currency that allows you to buy items. They are primarily earned by successfully giving away prizes by creating your own Loots. When you create Loot other users will spend their Roll Coins trying to win. When all your prizes are awarded your Loot ends. If all of your Prizes are Verified you'll earn x 1 Red Coin per attempt made on your Loot. But if your prize(s) are Reported you'll appropriately not receive Red Coins.

For Example: If your Loot with 4 prizes ends after 1,000 attempts with only 3 Verified prizes you'll receive x 750 Red Coins.

Red Coins can be used to buy several things:

x 100
Crates contain up to x 10 Roll Coins.

x 2,000
Tickets allow you to enter SUPERLOOT giveways.

x 500
Roll Fatigue (Increased Roll Cost) sets in after 25 rolls on a Loot, this resets the extra cost.

x 5,000
This resets all Loots where you've hit Roll Fatigue.
Post Loot!

Tips for getting the most Red Coins from your Loot:

  • Advertise your Loot! Tell everyone you know who may be interested in your prize about your giveaway! Send them a link, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, wherever! You want to maximize the number of people who see your Loot.
  • Make sure your % Win Chance is aligned with the value of your prize. If your prize's % Win Chance is too low for the value of your prize people won't roll on it and you won't earn Red Coins!
  • Give quality Loot that people want. Make sure you have descriptive titles and pictures of your prizes. If giving away a CD Key or Code make sure it's accurate!

Random Chance Bonuses
Every time you fail to win a Loot you have have a

  • 10% chance to win a Free Roll
  • 10% chance to win x 20
  • 1% chance to win x 100
  • 0.1% chance to win x 500
  • 0.01% chance to win x 1000

Retweets for Red Coins
If your Twitter account is linked you have a chance to earn up to x 50 Red Coins for retweeting @LootLinkMe Tweets.

Bonus Cache Pay attention to the Bonus Caches around the site...

Steam Key Activation Guide

Many keys given on require a Free Steam account. If you don't have an account you can easily create one:

Create New Steam Account

Please follow these instructions to activate a new product on Steam:

  1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  2. Click the Games Menu.
  3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam...
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Tickets are used to enter SUPERLOOTS. These special giveaways are for our most dedicated users. Only users who have tickets can play. Tickets can be gotten a few ways:

  • Bought for x 2,000 Red Coins in the store
  • Earned after a 7 day login streak
  • Earned from tootling the Loot Flute

SUPERLOOTS are awarded after several rounds. Each round users enter tickets for a chance to win a Round Token. Each token is a chance to win the SUPERLOOT!

Each round 1 token is awarded. Players can win multiple tokens. Final Round is a draw between token holders ONLY.


The Red Coin Shuffle game allows any user to add their Red Coins to the shuffle pot. This pot builds and builds and every 24 hours a single random winner is picked to win the whole pot! The more Red Coins you enter the better your chances of winning!!

If the pot exceeds x 10,000 the Shuffle will go into a 1 hour overflow. During this hour users can still enter Red Coins and at the end of the runoff a random winner is picked. After each Shuffle finishes another will start shortly afterwards!

If you've won twice in the past 10 shuffle you have to wait a bit before you can play more.

Red Coin Shuffle!

A Bad Beat Bonus is awarded if your posted loot is won with unexpectedly few rolls. For example, let's say someone gets lucky and wins your 0.1% drop chance loot after only 10 rolls. Without the Bad Beat Bonus you'd only get x 10 Red Coins. That sucks right? The Bad Beat Bonus means in that same situation you'd earn x 990 Bonus Red Coins in addition to the base x 10 Red Coins earned.

    Some extra notes:
  • You will always earn 20% of the expected rolls. For example the expected rolls for a 0.1% drop chance loot is 1,000 (1 / 0.001 = 1000). So you'll always at least get x 200 Red Coins
  • The maximum Bad Beat Bonus is x 10,000 Red Coins.

The more unlikely the outcome, the bigger the Bad Beat Bonus awarded. The below table shows examples for how the Bad Beat Bonus scales for a 0.1% drop chance loot.

Won at Roll
Bad Beat Bonus
Total Reward
1 3,999 4,000
10 990 1,000
20 899 919
30 814 844
40 736 776
50 663 713
60 595 655
70 532 602
80 473 553
90 418 508
100 367 467
110 319 429
120 274 394
130 232 362
140 192 332
150 155 305
160 121 281
170 88 258
180 57 237
190 28 218
200 0 200
210 0 210
220 0 220
230 0 230
240 0 240

Trophies are awarded to users for being generally awesome.

Common Giver
1 Prize Given
Uncommon Giver
10 Prizes Given
Rare Giver
25 Prizes Given
Epic Giver
50 Prizes Given
Legendary Giver
100 Prizes Given
Common Generator
1,000 Rolls Generated
Uncommon Generator
10,000 Rolls Generated
Rare Generator
25,000 Rolls Generated
Epic Generator
50,000 Rolls Generated
Legendary Generator
100,000 Rolls Generated
Common Roller
100 Rolls
Uncommon Roller
1,000 Rolls
Rare Roller
2,500 Rolls
Epic Roller
5,000 Rolls
Legendary Roller
10,000 Rolls
Common Winner
1 Prize Won
Uncommon Winner
10 Prizes Won
Rare Winner
25 Prizes Won
Epic Winner
50 Prizes Won
Legendary Winner
100 Prizes Won
Common Streak
7 Consecutive Daily Reward Claims
Uncommon Streak
14 Consecutive Daily Reward Claims
Rare Streak
30 Consecutive Daily Reward Claims
Epic Streak
100 Consecutive Daily Reward Claims
Legendary Streak
365 Consecutive Daily Reward Claims
Lootlink Beta Tester
User was active during the Lootlink Open Beta
OG Lootlink Tester
User was active before the Red Coin Update
Has tootled the Loot Flute

At first each roll on a Loot costs x 1. After rolling 25 times on one Loot in a single day your next rolls cost x 2. After 50 rolls each additional attempt costs x 4. The cost doubles every 25. Roll Fatigue is to prevent users with large reserves of Roll Coins from rolling a whole bunch of times on a desirable loot. Roll Fatigue resets daily.

You can also Purchase Fatigue Refresh. For x 500 you can reset the loot you're currently on or for x 5,000 you can reset ALL the Loots you've hit Roll Fatigue on.

Sudden Death Mode can be activated if a Loot runs out of time and still has prizes. When a poster extends a Loot's time he or she can also enable Sudden Death Mode. When this mode is active each roll attempt will slightly increase the drop chance of winning the prize(s).

During Sudden Death Mode each prize or prize group's drop chance is multiplied by 101% with each new roll.

Reviews are how we prevent bogus prizes from ending up on the site. Winners are able to or the prize. A indicates that the prize won is valid and as advertised. A is a way of indicating the prize was not received, broken, or not as advertised.

This system allows us to give users a reputation rating and appropriately reward them Red Coins at Loot completion. A user with a high star rating indicates the prizes he or she gives out are most often legitimate and working. A user with a low star rating indicates that sometimes there are issues with his or her prizes. Users should consider carefully whether or not to roll on a Loot if the poster has a low rating.

The reputation rating is calculated as follow:
Star Rating =(Total Number of Received Thumbs Up Reviews)/(Total Reviews Received)

Additional Notes: An unrated prize will not affect the poster’s rating. Users who do not give out prizes will not receive a reputation rating.

When you create a Loot you can require Twitch Follow for the ability to Roll. You can also enable “Show Twitch stream details when live?” option. When either option is enabled Lootlink is notified when you begin to stream on Twitch. Your active Loots on Lootlink will show "Now Live!" and preview your stream. The Loot pages for your active Loots will show your Twitch stream and chat.

When you’re Streaming and you have active Loot on the site you also have access to the LootlinkBot Twtich chat bot. The bot allows you to give Red Coins to your viewers and has many other features.

Check out our Stream Features and BossRush!

See Stream Features

Setup a BossRush

Lootlink relies on every user only having one account to work correctly. We however allow you to login using several providers. Currently we support connecting with Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Google.

Users who attempt to create multiple Lootlink accounts will be banned.

You can link and unlink your accounts in My Settings

If you want to completely remove your account from Lootlink please send an email to with the subject "BLAST MY CACHE!" and we'll process your request.

We do this in batches and may take up to a week to complete. Please note that this is PERMENANT deletion and we CANNOT recover your account once this is done.

List of prizes NOT allowed on Lootlink:

  • No prizes that are freely available to the public.
  • No firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition.
  • No illegal or prescription drugs.
  • No alcoholic drinks or spirits.
  • No cigarettes, cigars, vape pens, vape juice, etc.
  • No pornographic materials or access to pornographic sites.
General Guideline in addition to the above: If a prize is illegal to ship it should not be on this site.

Lootlink will not sell your personal information to spammers or anything shady like that. See our detailed Privacy Policy for more.

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We are Tristan Goget, Charles Qian, and John Dorman; the founders and creators of Lootlink. We're childhood friends who have long worked on web projects together and figured we'd try to actually finish a project for a change. Maybe.

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